Company: Entrepreneur/Inventor
Product: Patented process to find wanderers
Target Market: Alzheimer’s and Autistic population
Challenge:Going to Market

During the assessment, MGG ascertained that distribution and fulfillment would be difficult for this start-up. The first step in our process became the basis for moving this company to market. It was determined that a ‘royalties only’ revenue model provided the most effective means of marketing and selling the patented process.

Solution: Pursue alliance sales and collect royalties only


Company: Managed Services Franchisee
Product: Technology service
Target Market: Acquisition companies
Challenge: Growing the Company

This step proved essential in providing the direction necessary to move this company toward their goal. MGG’s extensive research of the market led to a plan that identified and ranked possible companies for acquisition.

Solution: Growth by acquisition and search by productivity


Business Costs
Company: Medical Entrepreneur
Product: Information system that encourages health care literacy
Target Market: Consumers
Challenge:Raise capital to launch Internet property

A complete business and marketing plan was developed for this company. Identifying business requirements, and balancing those requirements against financial risk, led MGG to design the means by which to create capital and disseminate information.

Solution: Define Technology Architecture


Decision Modeling
Company: Internet Subscription Company
Product: Website subscriptions
Target Market: Current users
Challenge:Demonstrate credible ‘market to sales’ process

MGG set quotas for generating sales leads based on market conversion data. The plan included projections for net gain based on the number of credible leads that could be generated by the company’s sales staff, and the cost that would be incurred by the implementation of obtaining the leads.

Solution: Market research to qualify sales lead and set staff quotas


Company: Sportswear Distribution
Product: Sports attire
Target Market: Athletes involved in school competitions
Challenge:Severe debt with high inventory

MGG was instrumental in brokering a plan to reconcile partners and set an actionable schedule for becoming solvent. The business plan included advertising through trade publications, and arming the sales force with innovative direct marketing pieces.

Solution: Financial analysis and tactical sales plan


Company: Medical Group
Product: Service providers
Target Market: Technology sourcing
Challenge:Move the company toward a paperless information source

By comparing data on Laptop and Tablet sources, with cost-savings by streamlining information needs, MGG put together a comprehensive procurement plan that resulted in substantial cost savings.

Solution: Competitive procurement search to exacting specifications


Technology Enablement
Company: Collision Repair Company
Product: Repair or reuse damaged vehicles
Target Market: Sales to salvage and parts companies
Challenge:Error prone, lengthy business intake and data capture

Analysis of business practices allowed MGG to create a template for streamlining information between intake personnel and office computers. Development of software to facilitate this process virtually eliminated errors, and decreased the time needed to capture data.

Solution: Develop software to link Tablets in the field to computers in the office


Operational Efficiency
Company: Hazardous Waste Recovery
Product: Recycling and destruction of hazardous waste
Target Market: Businesses who create hazardous waste
Challenge:Underutilized plant

By focusing on marketing and sales, MGG proposed a marketing plan to grow the company—increasing the plant utilization from 35% to 85%. Direct mail marketing pieces were prepared, trade events identified, and sales staff given actionable direction for developing leads.

Solution: Marketing and sales plan


Management Reporting
Company: Fast Food Franchise
Product: Retail store
Target Market: Potential Franchisees
Challenge:Sell business in tough economy

Creating a method for recording and reporting outcomes is the only way to ascertain if your goals are being met. MGG first created a “Value Proposition” presentation for our client, and then set up a series of metrics to monitor performance. Early feedback allows for ‘tweaking’ the presentation.

Solution: Set up ‘Value Proposition’ presentation, and an evaluation reporting system