John McParland

Mike was instrumental in getting our corporation on the right path toward success as he masterfully guided the creation of our business plan. His leadership, global vision, organizational awareness, keen research abilities and acute attention to detail has been a tremendous asset to our team.

A consummate professional, Mike’s easy-going nature blends beautifully with his ‘pull no punches’ approach. He is clearly well schooled, and his interpersonal relations suit any business setting.

Working with Mike was a true pleasure and I am indeed a better person having been witness to how he facilitates the working process in a highly fastidious manner and with great alacrity. After working with him, I’m sure you’ll agree that you like Mike too!


Louis DiGiovine
Founder and Owner,
Excellent Physical Therapy

No one is more responsive then MGG Consulting. Not realizing Mike was on vacation, I contacted him to help procure IT hardware and software required to complete automating my practice. Mike took my call, listened to what I needed and responded with the full bill of materials with a savings greater than $8,000 within one day. He provided all sourcing information including warranties and delivery times. Simply awesome!


Dr. James Proodian
Founder and President,
Proodian Healthcare

Many of us in small business know the feeling of having to wear many hats, not having a safety net, and no access to a federal bailout if we can’t pay our bills. Mistakes are part of the process but minimizing mistakes, especially in today’s market, is essential not only for success and growth but in many cases for survival.

MGG Consulting’s guiding principal, “thinking in advance is your most valuable asset,” allows me to save time and money by setting clear requirements, objectives, and goals. MGG owner, Mike Grottola, is the business manager that I thought I could not afford but then realized, after he came on board, that I cannot afford to live without him.

Words such as honesty, integrity and intelligence are routinely used in our culture, but rarely lived up to. Mike delivers all three—and his diligence affords the small business owner peace of mind as his head hits the pillow. I highly recommend MGG Consulting.


Paul Jetter
Safely Back Home

I’d been working on development of the ‘Safely Back Home’ program for over two years. There had been steady progress, however the business model and plan were non-existent. Mike took the time to listen, ask questions and fully understand what I was trying to accomplish. He then structured a plan, with specific goals and a timeline, which we collaborated upon and achieved. We produced an executive summary together with an articulation and socialization of concept to market.

It was a pleasure working with Mike. I appreciate the guidance and encouragement he provided me. He’s a true professional and a gentleman, and I highly recommend him.